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Relevant external documents
  • ISOFS Submissions at The Krell Institute
  • ISOFS Documents at ISOFS home
  • A brief and idiosyncratic introduction to fusion energy simulations, for computer scientists who want to start collaborating in this area. Although unlikely to pass muster with physicists, at least this provides links to other introductory documents.
  • Integrated Simulation of Fusion Plasmas, a Physics Today article by Don Batchelor, with a good overview of the area and its issues. This one definitely passes muster with physicists.
  • Emerging Applications in Tokamak Plasma Control, Michael L. Walker et al., IEEE Control Systems Magazine 26(2), 35-63 (2006). DOI: 10.1109/MCS.2006.1615272 is focused on control, but provides relatively easy to understand explanations of many of the phenomena that SWIM is interested in, as well as other terminology that crops up frequently.
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