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Meetings All-Hands Meeting October 2010
27-30 October 2010 hosted by Tech-X in Boulder, CO
Meetings Proto-FSP Assessment
During the week of 30 August, a committee convened by the FSP Planning project conducted an "assessment" of the three proto-FSP projects to make recommendations as to how they can contribute to the FSP. These are the SWIM presentations.
Meetings Three Proto-FSP Projects Meeting
11-13 January 2010 at ORNL. These are only the SWIM-related materials. FACETS and CPES will probably post their materials on their own web sites.
Meetings All-Hands Meeting and Coding Camp September 2009
Coding Camp 29 September 2009. All-Hands Meeting 30 September-2 October 2009 at ORNL
Meetings All-Hands Meeting September 2008
23-25 September 2008 @ PPPL
Meetings Portal Coding Camp January 2008
29 Jan-1 Feb 2008 at ORNL. A focused development session for the SWIM web portal and integration with the IPS.
Meetings Slow MHD Campaign worshop Madison 12/07
Presentations from Slow MHD Campaign worshop Madison 12/07
Meetings SWIM All-Hands Meeting: October 2007
15-17 October 2007 at ORNL
Meetings Computer Science Team Meeting, March 2007
Working meeting of the SWIM computer science team. Held 5-7 March 2007 at Indiana University
Meetings US-Japan Workshop on Integrated Simulation of Fusion Plasmas
29-31 January 2007 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Talks are listed in actual order of presentation. Some modifications were made to the agenda included here.
Meetings Project Meeting: September 2006
25-27 September 2006, Bloomington, Indiana, Annual project meeting.
Meetings SWIM Design Meeting: PPPL Jan. 2006
The project principle investigators plus a few others met at PPPL during the week of Jan. 16 to lay out a design for the initial implementation of the Integrated Plasma Simulator (IPS).
Meetings Workshop: Toward an Integrated Fusion Simulation
7-9 November 2005, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (SWIM project kick-off)