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SWIM Code Repositories

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Information about accessing the repositories for SWIM codes. Subversion Repository

Integrated Plasma Simulator (Subversion)
AORSA1D (Subversion)
Project Documents (Subversion)
Linear System Analyzer (Subversion)
Top-level SWIM project repository (Subversion)

Note: You will almost always want to access one of the specific repositories, not this one.

Access Control for Repository

Access to the Subversion repository uses the same username/password as the web site to authenticate.

If your username differs from your username on the client system, the URL may need to look like (With TortoiseSVN, this is not necessary because you are prompted with a popup window in which to enter both username and password.)

Because the connection to the server is protected with SSL, you will see the same "complaints" as you do in a web browser (but on the command line rather than as popup windows) about the domain name on the certificate not matching the domain you're accessing. Just as with the web browser, this is a consequence of the way the server is setup, and it is safe to accept the certificate.

Notes and Bugs with SWIM SVN

Some have encountered a problem when trying to update or commit their local working copy of files in the SVN repository. The typical error message is

svn: PROPFIND request failed on /svn/cswim

svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/cswim': SSL negotiation failed: SSL disabled due to library version mismatch (

In this case you need to reload the libraries that contain HTTP and Web-DAV libraries. Under RedHat and Gentoo linux, this is done by re-installing the package called neon. If you find either the problem or solution to it on other platforms, please add it to this page.

Accessing the SWIM repository through a proxy

On some systems that use a proxy to access the outside world, an exception may be needed in the subversion configuration files to allow access to the SWIM repository. The exact entries will depend on the proxy name and configuration, but in general this will require adding an entry in the [global] section in the configuration file in ~/.subversion/servers of the form


http-proxy-exceptions = *

http-proxy-host =

http-proxy-port = port_number

Other Repositories for SWIM-Related Codes


Contact for access.

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