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Versioning Practices

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Use CVS version control. "Major" code versions tagged in CVS, matching variable in code and incorporated into all output (.ps, netCDF, text). "Minor" versions may not be captured in CVS. Outputs (netCDF currently excepted) also include time of execution, uname output.
Uses CVS version control (uncontrolled branches exist). No mechanism to associate output/files with specific executable or source.
Uses SVN version control. Match run date with SVN repository to recover version. Variable set to SVN $Revision$ keyword, written to nimrod.out.
Uses SVN version control. SVN version string and date are put into output files. Also stored as static variable in executable, visible with strings. Input is also versioned.
Is not presently version controlled. Fred has been attaching version numbers for his own purposes. He is presently at version 13. He actually uses two different sources (versions 12 and 13) that use different solvers. Version 13 uses the HPL package that is not presently available a NERSC
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