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A list of people of interest and links to information aout them
Name Location E-mail
Don Batchelor ORNL (FED)
David E. Bernholdt ORNL (CSM) bernholdtde at
Lee Berry ORNL (FED) berryla at
Paul Bonoli MIT (PSFC) bonoli at
Randall Bramley Indiana Univ (CS) bramley at
Josh Breslau PPPL jbreslau at
John Cary TechX cary at
Vincent Chan General Atomics (fusion group) chanv at
Morrell S. Chance PPPL mchance at
CS Chang NYU (CIMS) cschang at
Jin Chen PPPL jchen at
Myunghee Choi General Atomics (fusion group) choi at
Ron Cohen LLNL rcohen at
Phil Colella LBL PColella at
Ed D'Azevedo ORNL (CSM) dazevedo at
Wael R. Elwasif ORNL (CSM) elwasifwr at
George Fann ORNL (CSM) gif at
Elliot Feibush PPPL efeibush at
Samantha Foley ORNL (CSM) foleyss at
Guo-Yong Fu PPPL gfu at
Bob Harvey CompX bobh at
Chris Hegna Univ. Wisconsin (EP) hegna at
Steven Hirshman ORNL (ncsx) hirshmansp at
Wayne Houlberg ORNL (ncsx) houlbergwa at
Fred Jaeger ORNL (FED) jaegeref at
Steve Jardin PPPL
Tom Jenkins Tech-X tgjenkins at
David Keyes Columbia Univ. (AP/AM)
Jim (Jeembo) Kohl ORNL (CSM) kohlja at
Scott Kruger Tech-X kruger at
Long-Poe Ku PPPL lpku at
Lang Lao General Atomics (fusion group) lao at
Linda Lodestro LLNL lodestro at
Doug McCune PPPL dmccune at
Wonchull Park PPPL wpark at
Donald Pearlstein LLNL ldp at
Jesus Ramos MIT (PSFC) ramos at
Raul Sanchez UC3M rsanchez at
David Schissel General Atomics (fusion group) schissel at
Dalton Schnack Univ. Wisconsin schnack at
Don Spong ORNL (FED) spongda at
Holger St. John General Atomics (fusion group) stjohn at
Henry R. Straus NYU (Math) strauss at
Linda Sugiyama MIT (PSFC) sugiyama at
John Wright MIT (PSFC) jwright at
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