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The Center for the Simulation of RF Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics (CSWIM) is developing an integrated modeling capability for plasma physics. This project focuses on the coupling radio-frequency waves with the magnetohydrodynamics of the plasma, as a prototype for comprehensive Fusion Simulation Project [1][2], which would develop integrated whole-device modeling capabilities for the ITER fusion reactor.

The project will build upon the successes of the DOE SciDAC program by taking several of the most advanced fusion computer codes, combining these to provide a unique tool in the world-wide fusion program, and implementing them on the Leadership-Class and other computing facilities. This will be done in concert with the computer science and math communities in such a way that the software framework we form will lay a foundation for even more powerful and comprehensive simulations in the future. Intense radio-frequency waves provide an essential control technique for fusion-grade tokamak plasmas. The frequency and phasing of these waves can be adjusted so as to keep the plasma in a quiescent state, significantly improving its quality as a confinement device and greatly reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic disruption. Our work is aimed at providing an essential design tool for such a control system. The framework will allow for the treatment of two regimes of potential plasma global instabilities: fast phenomena and slow phenomena. In the first, the wave fields act only indirectly on the instabilities by modifying the background equilibrium, while in the second they act directly by competing with the instability drive terms. We will work with the community to develop standards and documented APIs for fusion application modules, which will allow incorporation of many of today's fusion applications codes into this framework.

[1] "Fusion Simulation Project: Integrated Simulations and Optimization of Magnetic Fusion Systems", J. Fusion Energy 20, 135-196 (2001).

[2] "Report of the Fusion Simulation Project Steering Committee," J. Fusion Energy 23(1), 1-26 (2004).


CSWIM is jointly funded by the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) and the Office of Mathematical, Information, and Computational Science (MICS) of the U. S. Dept. of Energy Office of Science. It is part of the Scientific Discover through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) initiative. The CSWIM proposal was in response to Program Announcement LAB 05-11 Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing - Fusion Simulation Prototype Centers


CSWIM has four Principal Investigators representing the three major research disciplines contributing to the project:

  • Don Batchelor, ORNL, Physics & Lead PI
  • David E. Bernholdt, ORNL, Computer Science
  • Steve Jardin, PPPL, Physics
  • David Keyes, Columbia U, Applied Mathematics

Participating Institutions

(alphabetical by institution)

  • Columbia University
  • CompX
  • General Atomics
  • Indiana University
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • New York University
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Tech-X Corp.
  • University of Wisconsin
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