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Center for Simulation of RF Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics

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CSWIM Home Page

CSWIM (Center for Simulation of RF Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics) is a DoE SciDAC project charged with integrating disparate physics codes together for higher fidelity simulation of magnetically confined plasma.

For SWIM Team Members...

For guides on how to use this site, please visit the Guides Directory.

Quick links...

All project participants should sign up for the SWIM mailing list and may want to peruse the lists archives (login required) to see what they've missed.

To sign up for an account:

Terminology: the SWIM project is hosted on the ORNL SciCompForge service. Accounts on this service are managed through XCAMS. Many other externally-facing ORNL collaborative services, such as the CPES project also use XCAMS accounts.

  1. Create an XCAMS account (or update an existing account) with access to the SciCompForge and OpenID services.
    • Note to ORNL staff: UCAMS three-character IDs cannot be used for OpenID. You should create a separate XCAMS identity for use in the SWIM project.
  2. Request access to the SWIM project on SciCompForge at
    • List cswim for the project name
    • List David Bernholdt for the project owner
    • Note: if you already have an XCAMS account and SciCompForge access (perhaps as a CPES project member), you need to complete this form to be added to the SWIM project
  3. Email David Bernholdt ( to notify him of your request. Once your request is processed, you'll receive a reply in confirmation.

Forgot your password?

Go to the XCAMS web page and follow the "I Forgot my Password" link. If you don't succeed in resetting your password through the web site, you'll need to contact the ORNL Help Line for assistance at 865-241-ORNL. Note: password reminder links on the web site do not work, and no one in the SWIM project can reset XCAMS passwords.

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